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I began my internship at Aimia (Carlson Marketing Worldwide at the time) as part of a class in my senior year of high school, which allowed me to gain actual work experience in place of the last portion of my regular school day.  The class required that I complete a total of 12 informational interviews throughout the year as part of my selection process.  In addition to CMW, companies I interviewed with included a variety of other ad agencies and businesses in the Twin Cities.


I chose CMW as my internship site in December of 2007 and began my work with the group in early January of 2008.  I had interviewed with Mr. Doug Rozen, the head of "Door C," CMW's interactive and creative arm.  Door C's goal was to utilize new and emerging technologies in innovative ways to best suit client needs.  While at CMW, I was delighted to gain exposure to several major accounts, including AARP, Aramark, and British Airways.  My roles on these accounts varied, but usually included conducting research to assist in strategic development.


In addition to helping out with client relations teams on regular requests, Mr. Rozen gave me what amounted to a "pet project" that was my own to pursue.  I was tasked with attempting to determine hallmarks of the Millennial generation based on that demographic's use of technology.  The project was named "Generational Use of Technology," or "GUT" for short.  I conducted a large amount of research using both primary and secondary sources to create a final deliverable that CMW could use to help its clients access Millennials in the future.  Primary research included conducting a series of three focus groups on my own, as well as creating an online survey.  Thirty Millennials were interviewed for the focus groups, and approximately 200 online survey responses were collected using SurveyMonkey.  Secondary research included the use of industry-standard statistical databases such as eMarketer and Forrester.  Click on the screenshots below to view the final deliverable.

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