University of Denver Athletics

I began an internship with the University of Denver Athletics Department in the summer of 2009.  I was given the opportunity to work with Angel Field, the DU Athletics Marketing Manager, who coordinated much of the game-day experience at the time.  My two largest design projects for the athletic department were to create the department's on-campus print advertising for the year and to design a rewards card for "Stub Club."  


The athletic department had several needs that had to be addressed in their on-campus print designs.  One of the most important requirements was that the design be easy to update for ticket information for each team's different sporting events or special promotions.  The deliverables had to be just as useful for "regular" team events as they were for games with major giveaways, etc.


In order to accomplish this, I produced creative that focused on the DU athletes themselves, each demonstrating the intensity and passion that DU Athletics had come to represent.  The creative was then put into a Word template that allowed the athletic department staff to quickly create new fliers or edit old ones for each game's specifications.




























Stub Club was essentially a loyalty rewards program for students at DU who attend the school's men's and women's basketball games.  The program gave different incremental rewards based on the number of games each student attended.


The department requested that I design a card that would both look interesting and provide a functional element to allow athletics staff to quickly recognize whether a student had attended the requisite number of events in order to receive their rewards.  The card was the size of a normal business card in order to easily fit and be left in student wallets and purses.














The athletic department had also asked that the logos for each of DU's opponents be featured on the card so that athletics staff could simply stamp each event that students attended.  The back of the card featured spaces for student information and a schedule of teams to be faced by both men's and women's teams.


I was also asked to create some promotional apparel for the department.  My design was used for a t-shirt giveaway at one of the dual men's/women's game dates late in the athletic calendar.



stub club front stub club back