d.u.g.s. is the name most used for the University of Denver Grilling Society, a student-run organization that serves up excellent food to students on campus free of charge.  d.u.g.s. began in 2007 with just a small grill, the variety that is common in a back yard.


Throughout 2007, the club grew exponentially.  In 2008, coinciding with its expansion,  d.u.g.s. was voted as the best student organization on the DU campus.  As part of the growth, the organization wanted a website.  As a member and grillmaster (essentially a senior-level member), I was given the task of developing and managing the site.


The site's launch has given the club the ability to manage new events through online submissions.  It has also become a great way for the club to get news and information to interested parties not on the club's e-mail lists.  The website's first iteration was used until the end of the 2009-10 school year.


The screenshots below are of the first site.




















The website was redesigned in the summer of 2010, and I was asked again to design and complete the project.  The redesign was finished in time for the 2010-11 school year and has been in operation ever since.  It may be seen at www.dugrillingsociety.com.  Please note that I no longer manage the content or the appearance of the website, as it is now regularly updated directly by the club's Executive Board.

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