LetsGoDU is an alumni-operated blog dedicated to University of Denver Athletics.  LetsGoDU is most active with regard to DU's hockey program, always ranked among the top in the nation.  LetsGoDU was first started in 2005 by Damian Goddard, an alumnus who graduated in 1989.  Mr. Goddard began his blog at www.letsgodu.blogspot.com and has been a recognizeable figure in the DU sports community ever since.


Goddard's mission was, and still is, to increase the level of school spirit around campus and at sporting events.  To do this, he calls upon a wide variety of people on and around the DU campus.  My association with LetsGoDU began in late 2008.  During the approximately two years that I produced collateral for the organization, I completed projects including desktop wallpaper design, website copywriting and design, and promotional apparel design.




Mr. Goddard and I came to an agreement that saw me create a series of desktop wallpapers in Photoshop.  Each wallpaper was to be dedicated to a different member of the hockey team.





























In the summer of 2009, the decision was made to take the blog to the next level.  A website dedicated to all things DU Hockey was requested.  Mr. Goddard hired me on a contract basis to create the site itself, as well as to create all of the copy for the site.  This included writing player biographies, writing analysis of each of DU's offensive and defensive lines, as well as compiling histories of the university and its athletic programs.  Portions of the site became available in late 2008, while the site was "officially introduced" during the summer of 2009 to coincide with the University of Denver's 60th Anniversary season.  The site was live until mid-2010 and was the most complete source for information on DU hockey.
















Promotional Apparel


I also created several promotional giveaway pieces for LetsGoDU.  Mostly clothing related, these designs have been well received on the DU campus.


LetsGoDU Home Screenshot Game Analysis Screenshot Line Analysis Screenshot