Museums of Minnesota

Museums of Minnesota (MOM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving every museum in Minnesota its own space to list events as well as to help promote the lesser-known attractions across the state.  The group is headed by Chuck Strinz, the producer of the well-received Twin Cities Public Television mini-series Back on the Mississippi.


I began interning with MOM in June of 2010.  I was given a wide range of responsibilities, including helping to clean data for web listings as well as to help gather new and more up-to-date information for our listed museums.  I was also asked to make phone calls to museums that had registered for the site but had not put in any of their information.  These tasks involved a working knowledge of both the museum community as well as some knowledge of online information management.


I was also asked to help on a video shoot with MOM at the Red Wing Shoe Company's new factory store/museum in Red Wing, Minnesota.  I was on location during the video shoot and helped set up lighting and audio.  I was asked for my input on several issues, including which of several clips would be best to use in the final cut of the video as well as what locations in the store/museum would make good settings for staff interviews.  The video from the shoot was eventually used to create a two-minute online tour of the museum and factory store.  Red Wing Shoes then used our deliverable to help deploy a coupon for a discount at the factory store.


I also helped MOM increase their social networking presence.  I wrote several papers discussing the prospects for MOM to make greater use of their Facebook page.  I was then asked to help populate the page with pictures and other popular content from the main MOM website.  Additionally, I worked with Mr. Strinz to author a position paper outlining opportunities for the nonprofit moving forward.


I continued to help on a variety of tasks at Mr. Strinz's discretion until mid-September of 2010.


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