Spyder Trap

Not long after graduating from the University of Denver, I began interning with Spyder Trap, a digital marketing technologies firm in Minneapolis.  Spyder Trap opened its doors in 2008 to provide digital marketing solutions to its clients by crafting digital strategy and harnessing its team of in-house developers and creatives to execute on that strategy.  The firm's specialties include apps, websites, social media, and search practices.


In my time at Spyder Trap, I served as a project management intern and as a social media intern.  As a project manager, my responsibilities were wide ranging, but included facilitating and leading meetings with clients and working with all departments within the firm to bring client projects to completion.  On the social media side, I was responsible for online reputation monitoring for a Fortune 500 client as well as assisting in creating social media-based promotional strategies.


Clients that I was involved with at Spyder Trap included Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, CSM Corporation, Defending The Blue Line, Gift My Ride, L&M Fleet Supply, LaMettry's Auto Body, Tucker Hibbert, UnitedHealth Group (United Healthcare and Optum brands) and WA Frost & Co.

my spyder trap client roster