I joined Target as a contract Marketing Project Manager in August of 2013.  I was brought into "The Bullseye" specifically for a large initiative within Target's stores - to reinvent how the Entertainment and Electronics departments looked.  Our goal was simple - make the stores more shopable for our guest and give them the entertainment and electronics shopping experience that compared favorably to our rivals in the space.  The project began with a small roll-out in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and expanded to more than 20 stores nationwide by March 2014.


In the time I've been in this role, I've had the pleasure of working directly with or on projects for nearly every entertainment and electronics brand that is carried in-store by Target, including Apple, Beats, Bose, Disney, DreamWorks, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, and many others.  


So far in the project's life, over 700 separate deliverable creative pieces have been produced.  I was responsible for managing that process.  In many cases, this involved overseeing process from concept kickoff to final placement in our "E&E" stores.  My team included numerous different partners,   Look for much more exciting things to come from Target and the E&E Innovation project in the next few years!

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