The American Outlaws ("AO") is a supporters' organization dedicated to the United States Men's and Women's national soccer teams as well as uniting and strengthening the sport's following in general around the nation.  The Outlaws are organized across the United States into local chapters.  The Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter ("AOMSP") was founded in March of 2011.


Throughout the process to found the organization, I was involved in a supporting capacity, lending advice and participating in discussions about basic chapter setup tasks (finding a location to watch all of the games, etc.).  Upon the chapter's official recognition by the national organization, I volunteered to conduct all social media and website operations for the local chapter and continue to do so today.





















I also created two logos for AOMSP -- one "traditional" soccer crest/shield and one "alternate" logo featuring a more edgy, winged theme.




















Other chapters took notice of my work, and I have since helped chapters around the country, including Birmingham, Chicago and  Indianapolis, among others.






















I have also created chapter apparel for the Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter, including a t-shirt, which sold out, and a scarf, which will be produced to coincide with the national team's qualfication for the 2014 World Cup.







AO MSP T-Shirt Mock Version 2 AO Birmingham Logo Edited AO Indianapolis Logo Version 1 AOMSP Tw AOMSP FB AO Minneapolis New Logo Version 4 AO MSP Alternate Logo Retouched

The American Outlaws