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2013: The Year of Content


For years now, just about everyone in advertising has been trying to "figure out" social media, one way or another.  While we're still really not there yet as a whole, we do know one thing for sure:  Users want content that offers them some kind of value.  In fact, they demand it as compensation for opting into brand messsaging through social content from brands.  So, welcome to 2013, the year that content advertising and content development really take hold as a core discipline.



Favorite Ads: Of the Year and Ever


I've been involved in the ad agency world since I was 18 years old, and since then, there have been numerous campaigns that can only be described as simply excellent.  Campaigns like the ones we've seen from Old Spice will go down in the pantheon of supreme campaigns, but along they way, there have been a few others that haven't been quite on that scale of influence which have still caught my eye.



What If...? Taking An App A Few Iterations Down The Line


I recently read an aricle from James McQuivey, a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester.  The article really fascinated me, describing the new "Freestyle PUSH! + Play" app from Coca-Cola.  The app currently has somewhat limited functionality - it helps users find a Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machine near them.  However, McQuivey theorizes that Coke will shortly turn the app into a data gold mine, among other things.



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