Young America

I came aboard at Young American in May of 2014 as an Account Manager dedicated to the agency's most active and arguably most visible client, T-Mobile.  Our work for T-Mobile centers around loyalty projects.  I lead a team that proposes, executes, and completes programs that help drive T-Mobile's "un-carrier" brand position and the brand's growth as a whole.  T-Mobile thrives on being a disruptor in the wireless market, developing communication and programs that other major carriers have not been able to match to date.  In fact, my team's work contributed directly to the client receiving a major award from JD Power and Associates in July 2014.


My work specifically involves the day-to-day and overall strategic management of our client.  I am responsible for all aspects of our work with T-Mobile, from the very beginning stages of our projects to delivery and follow-up.  I work directly with several different client functional groups as well as my internal teams at Young America.  Those teams include our digital practice, harnessing our development team as well as UX and UI professionals.  I directly interface with our creative team (including our creative director) to ensure that our digital and pritnt deliverables line up with the client's standards, working with the style guide and other creative agencies to ensure a cohesive brand presence across all of my client's messaging.  I also work very closely on a daily basis with my project manager and an account representative to ensure that our projects are completed on-time and on-budget.  We also work on in-store print deliverables for our client, depending on the project.  I work closely with our creative team on those projects to again ensure that the client's creative and communication standards are realized in addition to guaranteeing that our work will meet the communication goals that our client has.  I also interface with our call center to help ensure that the customer service experience relating to any rewards and loyalty programs we facilitate are up to T-Mobile's high standards.


My work is not confined to the T-Mobile "Magenta" brand, however.  I am also responsible for our work on T-Mobile's various child brands, including Walmart Family Mobile, brightspot, Univision Mobile, and several more.


Today, T-Mobile is one of Young America's marquee clients, helping contribute to the continued growth of Young America as an expert in the loyalty and engagement space.  

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